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Offices to Rent Near Edgbaston: Find Your Serene Workspace at Cambrai Court

Cambrai Court
1229 Stratford Road
Hall Green, Birmingham
B28 9AA
Distance from Edgbaston
4 Miles
Travelling by Car
Approximately 15 to 20
minutes from Edgbaston

Nearest Train Station
Hall Green (0.2 Miles)
2 Minute walk to Cambrai Court
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In a world where peace and tranquility are becoming luxuries, Cambrai Court offers a respite just 4 miles away from the bustling atmosphere of Edgbaston. Located conveniently in Hall Green, it serves as an ideal hub to escape the frenzy of the city centre, more so with the recent inception of the Clean Air Zone charges.

A Smart Alternative to City Centre Operations

Cambrai Court invites you to experience a work environment where serenity meets professionalism. Here, you are not just renting an office space; you are securing a tranquil haven for your business to prosper, away from the hectic pace of the city, yet remarkably close to the vibrant area of Edgbaston.

Facilities Tailored for Your Business Needs

Our office spaces at Cambrai Court are designed to meet the unique needs of teams ranging from three to thirteen individuals. Offering a range of features that cater to modern business demands, you will find:

- Private enclosed rooms: Foster productivity and creativity in spaces designed to offer peace and focused working environments.
- Furnished offices: Enjoy a smooth transition to your new office with furnished spaces that come equipped with desks and chairs.
- High-speed internet and VOIP phone systems: Remain at the forefront of connectivity with our high-speed internet and modern VOIP phone systems.

Amenities that Add to Your Comfort

Cambrai Court goes beyond just providing office spaces; it guarantees a comfortable and nurturing setting for your business. The facilities that enhance your work experience include:

- On-site parking: Avoid the daily hassle of finding a parking space with our on-site parking facility.
- Well-appointed kitchen: Keep your team revitalized with a well-stocked kitchen offering tea and coffee.

Discover the beauty of working close to Edgbaston without the associated hassles of city centre operations. Cambrai Court stands as an emblem of convenience, offering a peaceful yet professionally nurturing environment for businesses.

Visit Cambrai Court and step into a space where your business can thrive, nestled in a peaceful location just a short distance away from Edgbaston.
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