About Cambrai Court

A New Beginning

Established in 2010, Cambrai Court has grown into a vibrant business hub under the leadership of its founders, Paul and Lizzie. Their vision was clear: to create a dynamic space where businesses of all sizes could flourish.

Starting with extensive renovations, Paul and Lizzie transformed Cambrai Court into what it is today, all while their son William was just six months old. This ambitious nine-month project included building two new suites, developing 14 innovative semi-serviced offices, and refurbishing six existing suites, all alongside their own home extension project.

The completion of these renovations marked a new beginning for Cambrai Court. We quickly attracted a diverse group of tenants, creating a professional yet friendly community that encourages business growth and networking.

Cambrai Court's Team

Our founders, Paul and Lizzie, bring a wealth of experience and success to Cambrai Court.

Paul, a seasoned business founder and manager, sold his thriving IT company, which he started at the young age of 21, before founding First Mats Ltd, an e-commerce business based in Cambrai Court's central suite.

Lizzie, with a degree from the prestigious University of Nottingham and a career that includes working with top brands like Red Bull, Smirnoff, Cadbury's, Innocent Smoothies, and Land Rover, adds a creative touch to our community.

Their success stories are a testament to the potential for growth and success that Cambrai Court offers.
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Cambrai Court Meeting Room

Why We're Different

One of Cambrai Court's standout features is the presence of our founders on-site. Paul and Lizzie work alongside our tenants, sharing the same facilities and fostering a supportive environment. Their hands-on approach over the past 15 years has provided reassurance and exemplified our commitment to our community.

At Cambrai Court, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of personal involvement and professional excellence. We strive to create a vibrant and nurturing space where businesses can thrive, offering a range of private serviced offices and large suites for businesses from 2 to 30 people.

Join us at Cambrai Court, where your business can grow in a supportive, professional environment.
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