March 24, 2022

Did you know that a survey, conducted by transport app Moovit (one of the biggest of its kind) showed that Birmingham workers spent on average 94 minutes every day on the trains and buses?

This statistic makes Birmingham the City with the longest average commute in the whole of Europe! Nearly four out of ten intrepid employees are spending more than two hours a day on the road.

Post pandemic, over 70% of workers wish to remain more flexible with their work options and only 8% are prepared to travel for more than one hour every day.

Whilst we are navigating our “new normal” way of life do we really want to go back to this? Surely long commutes, travel expenses, traffic jams, delayed transport (to name a few) are a thing of the past…

Employees value face to face interaction with colleagues, an inspiring environment and a change of scenery, and with an office close to home you really can have it all.

So, what are the advantages of working “closer to home”…

  • Flexible working, creating an environment where those who need an office have access to one, where as others can come in when required.
  • Surburban Offices = farewell to astronomical rents and wasted space.
  • A more enjoyable commute - walking or cycling to work -  better for the environment and for your health!
  • Saving money on petrol and travel means you will be financially better off.
  • Popping home for lunch.
  • More time for exercise.
  • More time for your private life.
  • More time to sleep with your alarm going off that little bit later!

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