How to Find The Right Office For Your Business

February 24, 2022

Whether you are an established business, expanding or starting up, finding the right office for you and your team is one of the most important things you will undertake as a business leader or decision-maker.

Finding the ideal office space for your business is no easy task. But we can help.

With more than 20 years of industry experience over an ever-changing business landscape we have helped numerous businesses by providing them with the right space and environment, within their budget and specific criteria, find and settle into their new workplace. 

What to Consider:

  1. Research

We believe it is really important to take the time to do some in-depth research and dedicate a member of your team to this task. Key considerations are of course how much space you exactly need, how you will use your office, your budget and of course in these days of hybrid working, family commitments and transport considerations the location.

We would always recommend drawing up a list of criteria and a shortlist of those offices that meet those needs.

Although honestly, nothing beats actually visiting the premises to get the feel of the place, see the space and decide whether it is the right move for you. 

  1. The right size

This can be a fine balance and often businesses can end up with a space that is either to small and they need to move again and therefore have to start the process all over again or conversely leasing an office that is too big and so wasting money.

Factors affecting the size of your office space will be

  • Growth plans
  • Number of staff & projected staffing levels
  • Contingency plans in the event of the changing business economy
  • How you will use the space - meetings, number of desks, storage requirements etc
  1. What do you really need?

We meet many businesses moving offices and they often feel that the same requirements they used to have will also apply in their new office. This may not actually be the case and moving is a chance to re-evaluate what your needs actually are and many previous costs incurred and past requirements may not be necessary at all.

Such things as a dedicated receptionist and meeting rooms are good examples. Facilities such as kitchens and meeting rooms which can be provided as common facilities or hired on an ad hoc basis can mean significant savings when compared to creating and paying for them yourself.

Tenants can often make the mistake of being lured by ‘nice to have’ perks, such as coffee bars, pool tables, custom furniture etc and businesses end up paying extra for these. In reality recent surveys have shown that what most people want is a calm, bright clean and tidy workspace, a comfy chair and free tea & coffee!

  1. The Lease 

The length of lease you sign up to is important, after all you have already invested time and money in making the move, you don’t want to have to go through the whole process again in what feels like the blink of an eye and we all know how quickly time flies….

Equally, you don’t want to sign a lease that is too long. Either the businesses outgrow their needs or their cutting down of costs and manpower is miscalculated – in the words of Goldilocks  – it should be ‘Just right’

There are ways of minimising these possible problems, such as creating an early release clause or negotiating a capped rental in the first few years. A good Landlord will always be prepared to talk through your options and try to work with you to achieve the best solution.

Help is here

We know that finding an office is a critical business decision and many factors have to be taken into consideration. 

Here at Cambrai Court we have helped various sizes and types of organisations settle into their new office space, whether it be a semi-serviced office or a self-contained suite. For new companies or an established business.

We have a range of offices available to suit differing business sizes and have the scope to provide a larger space within Cambrai Court when your business expands.

If you a looking for a new office please get in touch we would love to talk to you. Get in touch below

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